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Socks For Pedicure 25*40g

Socks For Pedicure 25*40g

Shelly disposable pedicure socks allow you to do a classic or European pedicure without using water and a pedicure bath. Socks perfectly prepare nails for polishing and application

coating. Allows you to perform a pedicure quickly, hygienic and easy. As a result, the cuticle is easily processed with an orange stick, the nails become whiter and stronger, the skin is soft and silky.

• clean the nails;

• put on socks and fix them with

a sticker;

• massage the feet and areas around the nails;

• leave for 10-15 minutes. ;

• carefully cut off the edge of the sock at the toes;

• process the cuticle without removing socks;

• remove socks, remove emulsion residues from nails and feet.

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