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Shelly Regenerating Foot Cream 250ml

Shelly Regenerating Foot Cream 250ml

The regenerating foot cream with allantoin, bamboo extract, and shea butter will help address these issues. It softens, restores the skin, and has a lightweight consistency.

The product has a pleasant fragrance and leaves no sticky residue after use. Skin becomes smooth, silky, and tender. Suitable for both home and professional care, it can be used for foot massage.

The active ingredient complex effectively influences foot skin:

- Allantoin stimulates regenerative processes in cells, resulting in skin renewal and a well-groomed appearance.

- Bamboo extract tones the epidermis, enriching it with minerals and promoting a reduction in swelling and varicose vein manifestations.

- Shea butter has moisturizing and soothing properties.

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