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Professional Oil “Stop Onycholysis” 30ml

Professional Oil “Stop Onycholysis” 30ml

Professional Oil “Stop Onicholysis” is used for onycholysis and its prevention, deformation of the nail plate, and is also used for comprehensive care of normal and damaged nails.

•relieves inflammation of the nail bed in case of nail injury;

• reduces peeling of the nail plate from the nail bed, prevents the appearance of voids;

• activates cell renewal of tissues;

• promotes regeneration processes;

• stimulates the growth of a healthy nail plate;

• prevents delamination;

• aligns the outer layer of the nail, improves the integrity of its surface;

• slows down the reproduction and further spread of bacteria.

The oil also performs an antifungal function, thanks to which it prevents the occurrence of a fungal infection in the cavities formed when the nail plate peels off. Active components in the composition of the product moisturize, restore, strengthen and protect the nail plate. Farnesol has pronounced disinfectant properties, effectively suppresses and blocks the activity of fungi and bacteria. Eucalyptus essential oil has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates tissue regeneration and strengthens the nail structure. Tea tree essential oil promotes the healing of injuries, accelerates the growth of the nail plate, and reduces the number of exfoliations.

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