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Gloves for Manicure “Collagen,Keratin,Lotus Extract “ 10*30g

Gloves for Manicure “Collagen,Keratin,Lotus Extract “ 10*30g

Shelly disposable manicure gloves allow you to do a classic or European manicure without using water and a manicure bath. Gloves perfectly prepare nails for polishing and coating. Allows you to perform a manicure quickly, hygienically and easily. As a result, the cuticle is easily processed with an orange stick, the nails become whiter and stronger, the skin is soft and silky.

The combined effect is provided by the formula with keratin, collagen and lotus extract.

How to use:

Prepare the nail plate - disinfect the nails, if there is a coating, remove it. Shape your nails with a nail file. If it is necessary to process the cuticle with a cutter, do it before dipping your hands into it


• Wear gloves. Each pair is disposable, so it is unpacked directly in front of the customer


• Massage your hands.

• Wait 15 minutes for the active ingredients to take effect.

• Remove the cuticle - it is not necessary to remove the glove completely, it is enough to carefully cut the upper part.

Thanks to the emulsion, the cuticle dissolves and is simply pushed away with a bamboo stick.

•If there is significant thickening of the skin, use it

forceps or scissors.

• Remove the gloves completely, remove the remnants of the cream with a napkin. Carefully degrease the nail plate

before coating.

• Cream emulsion does not affect the durability of varnishes.

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