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Disinfectant Delanol (1l)

Disinfectant Delanol (1l)

Professional concentrate solution for disinfection and sterilization of instruments.

How to use :

•For 1 liter of disinfectant solution:

- 3 ml Delanol

- 997 ml of water

•For 1 liter of sterilization solution

(only after disinfection in a separate container)

- 20/30 ml Delanol

- 980/970 ml of water

Immerse the instruments in the solution

exposure time no more than 15/5 min, respectively (!)

The solution is stored

more or less

will not precipitate

Suitable for disinfection and sterilization

The term of use of the working solution is 35 days in tightly

closed container at room temperature.

The solution can be used repeatedly within 16 days.

Shelf life of Delanol -5 years.

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