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Cream - Scrub for Hands & Feet “Moisturizing Effect” 350g

Cream - Scrub for Hands & Feet “Moisturizing Effect” 350g

The cleaning procedure using the Shelly scrub ensures deep nourishment of the epidermis, removal of impurities, leveling of the relief and optimal preparation for further procedures. As a result - moisturized, smooth and velvety soft skin!

•created on the basis of crystalline white sugar;

• upon contact with water, the texture of the product becomes creamy, providing gentle peeling;

• perfectly prepares the skin for the manicure procedure and


• relieves the feeling of dryness and tightness;

• stimulates the regenerative processes of the epidermis;

• gives the skin elasticity and firmness;

• has wound-healing properties;

• leaves a floral aroma on the skin with notes of jasmine and lily of the valley;

• suitable for both home and professional use

use in salons.

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