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Balm For Nails & Cuticle (15ml)

Balm For Nails & Cuticle (15ml)

The Shelly™ strengthening balm will be a great aid in restoring and nourishing damaged, thin nail plates and dry, rigid cuticles that can hinder a quality manicure, leading to cracks and peeling. It enhances the appearance of nails, making them stronger, and leaves the skin smooth and healthy. It facilitates rapid recovery and strengthening of the nail plate, healing wounds and micro-cracks in the skin. It effortlessly ensures impeccable-looking nail plates even at home, eliminating peeling and brittleness.

- Bisabolol provides a soothing effect, reduces inflammatory processes, heals damaged areas, and inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

- Eucalyptus essential oil has excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, accelerates tissue regeneration, and strengthens the nail structure.

- Lavender essential oil promotes the healing of minor cracks, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

- Rosemary essential oil effectively softens rough skin areas, stimulates nail growth, alleviates inflammation around the nail folds, and protects against microbial invasion.

- Vitamin E prevents the appearance of cracks and peeling, restoring damaged and weak nails.

With Shelly™ balm, your nails will always be strong, and your hands well-cared-for. The product has a pleasant consistency, easy application, and quickly absorbs into the skin. Suitable for both home and professional care.

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