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Air Max Replaceable Bag 1pcs

Air Max Replaceable Bag 1pcs

Replaceable dust collection bag ▪

The replaceable dust collection bag is suitable for all hood models. Thanks to the special fabric, effective air filtration is ensured. The hypoallergenic textile material of the bag is made of dense fabric and filters up to 99% of dust and the tiniest particles. Care instructions for the bag.

The bag is one of the crucial accompanying materials for the hood, influencing the fan's operation and suction power.

Usage recommendations:

• For built-in hoods, the bag should be tightly put BETWEEN the rubber seals.

• For tabletop and pedicure models, the bag should be tightly put BEHIND the rubber seals.

After each client, the bag should be removed and cleaned from dust. At the end of the working day, it is recommended to rinse it under running water. The original Air max hood bag is reusable. It is recommended to replace the bag with a new one once a month for safe use. Do not use wet bags for safety reasons!


- Height: 32 cm

- Width: 28 cm

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